Who I Will Be Someday

Someday I’m going to be that little old lady, bedecked with jewels, wearing an exotic turban, swathed in a kaftan, and living out my senior years in a stunning hotel. You know the one. She’s a duchess or an aging movie star, a mysterious figure with a puzzling past, but what matters is she’s happiest ensconced in the lavish surroundings of a suite with a view and room service, a well informed concierge, and maitre d’ that always saves her table.

Who I Am Now

Right now, I’m a travel expert and my beat is the luxury market. Seeking out thrilling hotels that maintain a personality in these homogeneous times is what I do. I’ve floated through the air like an uncertain leaf on a prop plane en route to the Hotel Guanahani in St. Barths; listened to a serenade of the Alphorn from the balcony of the presidential suite of the Victoria-Jungfrau Hotel in Interlaken while gazing at Alpen peaks that suggest Toblerone Bars; and whirred across Venetian waters to Giudecca Island beneath the full moon in the Hotel Cipriani’s vintage taxi.